Meet the Artist

Mark Hershey is the artist behind every piece at Timberline Woodworks. His love for woodworking started in his youth, inspired by the natural beauty of the Oregon coast. Now, in his retirement, Mark dedicates his time to creating one-of-a-kind wood pieces that bring rustic charm and natural beauty into your home.

Mark believes every piece of wood has its own story, and his passion lies in bringing that story to life for others to enjoy. Living a quiet, small-town life, he cherishes the simplicity and authenticity that comes with each creation, ensuring every piece reflects the warmth and character of the forest.

About Mark's Work

The wood used at Timberline Woodworks has been reclaimed from the forest. After reaching the end of it's life as a tree, it's repurposed into a work for art.

Working on the lathe is where Mark's craft truly comes to life. Every piece of wood he handles is unique, with its own grain, knots, and character. Mark allows the wood to guide him, revealing its story as he shapes it into something beautiful yet functional. This dedication to his craft ensures that every bowl, vase, and lamp is not just a product but a piece of art infused with the beauty and character of nature.

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